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Developmental Music

But surely it's just banging instruments?!

We all know that music can have a huge impact on us, as adults, a simple song can make us laugh, cry, or even calm us down. But have you ever thought about how you can use music to support your baby?

What if I told you that through carefully selected music and activities, music can help build your baby's brain, whilst having a positive impact on their heart, breathing, relationships, language acquisition and so much more... I haven't even scratched the surface yet!


Are you ready to feel confident in your ability to make music with your baby?​

I know how daunting singing to your baby can be - sometimes, you have the best intentions, but then you go blank and don't actually know what to sing. Or maybe you hate the sound of your own voice (even though your voice is your baby's favourite sound!).


By the end of a Developmental Music session, you will be bursting with ideas of how you can continue your musical journey at home. You will feel like you've had a real impact on your baby's development, knowing why I have included each of the activities.

My 6 week Developmental Music course tis all about you and your baby. There will be opportunities for you to bond with your baby, as well as having some time for yourself.

We will be covering a selection of the following activities:

- Music

- Singing

- Baby Brain Build

- Peekaboo

- Rhyme

- Instrumental Play

- Movement

- Lullabies

- Nurturing Touch

- Mindfulness

- Gentle Stretches

- Gratitude

- Listening

By having a block of classes, it will ensure each class is with the same set of friendly, local mamas, who you cam make friends with and chat in your secure WhatsApp group, between classes.   

Do you want to learn all of the benefits of enjoying music with your baby?

Do you want to bond with your baby, learning more about them each week?

Do you want time each week for you, a time when the focus is all about you, as well as your baby?

"Me and Amelia had an amazing time we had fun, laughed, danced and played I learnt how music and singing could help her development and I have been dancing and singing with her a lot me and she is enjoying every minute of it, thankyou so much"


Let's talk Baby Brain Build

One aspect of the Developmental Music session that will be new to you is the Baby Brain Build.

Imagine having a mini routine of baby yoga stretches, that you can put to any piece of music at home. A set of simple stretches that you know are having a hugely positive impact on your baby's brain! During this gorgeous activity, you will be playing with your baby, building your relationship with them, gaining their trust, all whilst using supporting their physical development, strengthening the pathways in their brains and laying the foundations for all of those big movements - rolling, crawling, walking etc.

Meet Danielle...

MS - DebraBeePhotography-74.jpg

I am so passionate about children's development and have seen the impact that music has both in the classroom and on my children at home. So when I discovered the Nurture Sounds Developmental Music Class course, I knew I had to learn about the reasons why music is so important for babies! Learning the theory behind the simple activities that we all do, such as 'Peekaboo', and then going deeper into the benefits of it and how we can really use it to support the baby has been phenomenal. 

I cannot wait to share all of this new knowledge with you! 

Want to know what's included?

- A 6 week course 
- An insight into how music can support both you and your baby

- Carefully planned activities

- Baby safe instruments
- Time for you to chat to other new parents
- Opportunities for you to ask questions about your baby's development

- A WhatsApp group for support and to chat between classes
- Self service calibrated baby scales
- Gentle stretches for you to ease your tired muscles
- Hot and cold drinks, with snacks
- Ongoing support from a fully qualified Developmental Music Practitioner
- Only £50 for a 6 week block!


This term, you will also get a Spotify playlist sent directly to your inbox with some songs for you to enjoy with your baby!


Why can't I just play music to my baby at home?
It is very important for your baby to hear music at home, but if you want to learn all about the types of music you can play or the songs that you can sing, and how they are helping your baby, then this is the place to come! 

What if my baby cries during the session?
To be honest, I’ll be surprised if they don’t cry at some point! Crying is your baby’s main way of communicating - all babies cry! One of the first things I say at each session is that our classes are all baby led, so if they need feedings, changing, a nap or a cuddle, that's ok, we go with the flow.

I hate the sound of my voice and I'm nervous about singing in front of other parents?

You may not believe it, but I used to mime at baby classes when my first baby was little!! So this is definitely an option! But, please remember that your baby's favourite sound is your voice, and I promise you that everyone else will be so engrossed in their own little love bubble with their baby, that they won't even know you are there, let alone listen to your singing! And if that isn't reassuring enough, around 90% of the class has backing music and around half of the songs we just listen to - even I can't sing for an hour straight!!

What about those of you are anxious?


I’ll hold my hands up to this one, I’ve been sitting outside a baby group in the car in tears because my anxiety took over and I couldn’t face going in. I absolutely know how you feel and my inbox is always open, there’s even a box on my booking form for you to share any worries! I’m happy to meet you at the door, let you come 5 minutes early and any other way of helping you get in the door… it’s all about that first step, the rest are much easier!!   

Still unsure?

If you're still unsure whether this is the course for you, please get in touch. I am more than happy to discuss the different classes I offer and we can have a chat about how to most effectively meet your baby's needs.

You can drop me an email
or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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