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Guest Blog - Top Tips for travelling with a baby.

This blog post is by Sam, from LoiCo Properties.

Sam is an experienced traveller, having travelled abroad with both of her children numerous times. I asked Sam to give me some top tips for travelling with a baby and WOW, she delivered!! These are fantastic for anyone going away with a newborn - or actually, with any age child!

Tips for travelling with a baby:

- Prepare sleep arrangements at destination. Many hotels provide cots free of charge, some charge a fee and others do not offer cots at all.

- Check luggage allowance for infant. Some airlines allow an extra bag for infants free of charge, others don’t.

- Most airlines allow you to take your pushchair onto the flight free of charge. You can keep baby in it all the way up until boarding. Opt for a lightweight stroller, if possible.

- Try a baby sling or carrier, if you prefer to be hands free. This allows you to carry your luggage more easily.

- If travelling a short distance, pick flight times that fit in with babies normal sleep routine (where possible). This will help to eliminate / reduce jet lag.

- If travelling long haul or through the night, book flight seats which have the bassinet which baby can sleep in. Check these seats are available with the airline before booking. Book early to avoid disappointment.

- Stick to any usual sleep routines where possible, eg song, story or comforter.

- Snacks, snacks & more snacks! Dry snacks that don’t create mess. Ensure these are easy to access in your hand luggage.

- Milk - if formula feeding ensure you have sufficient amount in your hand luggage for travelling to your destination.

- Liquids - airlines allow liquid baby food and milk onto the aircraft in your hand luggage. Security procedures vary at each airport for checking these in but generally you are allowed to take more than 100ml (unlike other liquids).

- Breastfeed or bottle feed during take off & landing to help relieve any ear pain or discomfort with change in pressure.

- Entertainment - small toys & teething soothers which can be worn or fit in your hand luggage. My favourite is this teething necklace. My babies loved it!

- Comforters - pack a favourite teddy or comforter if baby has one.

- Pack weather appropriate clothing but don’t over pack. Most hotels have a laundry service.

- Pack sufficient nappies, wipes & swim nappies for the journey.

- Don’t forget sunscreen!

- And finally, instead of washing all of your clothes when you return home from your trip, have the hotel laundry service clean everything on your last day. So all you have to do on your return is unpack!

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