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Tiny Triumphs: Celebrating the Pre-Roll Mini Milestones

We all know the moment - that adorable, heart-stopping first roll. But before your little acrobat masters the full flip from their tummy onto their back, there are a few mini-victories for you both to celebrate along the way!

These pre-roll milestones are all about building the strength and coordination your baby needs to become a rolling champion. So ditch the pressure of that perfect Instagrammable moment and get ready to cheer on all the little wins!

A baby pushing herself up in tummy time

Here's what to watch for:

1. The Tummy Time Twist:  Tummy time isn't just about neck strength anymore. Look for your baby lifting their chest and head high, they will start to do this, eventually turning their head from side to side - this is a key step!

2. The Push Up:  Keep an eye out for your little one pushing up, using their forearms and keeping their shoulders and head fairly stable. Not only is this giving them a whole new outlook on the world, it gives them the strength that they need in their shoulders to perform their roll.

3. The Big Reach:  Curiosity is a powerful motivator! If your baby spots a toy just out of reach while on their tummy, they might start reaching with their whole body, attempting to get closer. This reaching practice helps them shift their weight and prepare for the rolling movement.

4. The Accidental Acrobatic:  Sometimes the cutest moments are unplanned. Notice if your baby accidentally ends up on their back during play. This might be a sign they're getting close to figuring out the mechanics of rolling intentionally.

A baby starting to twist during tummy time

Once your baby has mastered all 4 of this mini milestones, they will be well on their way to mastering the art of rolling independently!!

There are mini milestones that your baby needs to pass through when they are working towards all of their bigger ones - think sitting, crawling, walking etc. To find out more about what these are, pop along to one of our Developmental Play Gym sessions - check out the links below...

Remember: Every baby develops at their own pace. These milestones are a guide, not a strict timeline. Celebrate every little victory, encourage those tummy time sessions (with plenty of playtime!), and most importantly, enjoy this incredible journey of watching your baby grow and conquer new skills!

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