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Big Movers
Developmental Play Gym

Walking isn't the next step!

I remember with my three girls, the time between them being able to crawl and walk felt like forever!! I didn't realise how many mini milestones there were between the two - I mean, who knew that kneeling was such an important step?!

If you're anything like me, you'll love watching your baby grow and develop and you will feel such a sense of pride every time they achieve something new. Well, what if I told you that their next achievement was much closer than you think? Their next mini milestone might be to go from squatting to standing independently or maybe to place objects in and out of small containers. 


Do you want to feel confident that the time you have to play with your baby is beneficial and helping them to move to their next stage?

I can show you some simple activities that will help your baby to secure their existing skills, at the same time as encouraging them to reach their next milestone. I also like activities that don't need the latest expensive big toy, you can recreate most of my activities at home using things that you already have!

My 6 week Big Movers Developmental Play Gym course is the perfect class for those babies who are on the move and crawling, but they haven't yet mastered walking independently. 

We will be covering:

- Kneeling

- Squatting

- Pulling up against objects

- Cruising

- Exploration

- Hand eye coordination

- Cause and effect

- Sensory play

- And so many other developmental areas

By having a block of classes, it will ensure each class is with the same set of friendly, local mamas, who you cam make friends with and chat in your secure WhatsApp group, between classes.   

Do you want to learn all of the benefits of playing with your baby?

Do you want to bond with your baby, learning more about them each week?

Do you want to focus on the mini milestones, that your baby can achieve quickly, rather than the bigger ones, like cruising or walking?

"Really enjoyed our time at developmental play! As a first time mum I found it really useful learning new ways to play with my daughter that will also help her learn new skills and movements! Thank you mama spring your classes are always a warm welcome refuge for a mum with no clue!"


Is it all about physical development?

I know we talk quite a lot about the physical stages of development, but this is just a way of separating the classes, we also look at many other areas of development across the block, such as:

- Fine motor skills - pinching, grasping etc

- Hand-eye coordination

- Spatial awareness

- Relationship building

- Communication

- Language acquisition

- Balance

- Cause and effect


And so much more!

Meet Danielle...

MS - DebraBeePhotography-74.jpg

I am so passionate about children's development; I have spent 14 years as a teacher, linking every activity to the children's targets and next steps. When I started my business, teaching Baby Massage Classes, I started looking into babies development and how we can support them to reach their full potential. I completed my Diploma in Infant Developmental Play just a few months after studying my Tummy Time Practitioner course, as I realised that there are so many things that we can do to support these babies in achieving their goals! 

Want to know what's included?

- A 6 week course with a different play based activities
- An insight into the different positions for play and how they can support your baby's development

- Personalised support and ideas of how to help your baby reach their next mini milestone
- Sensory play
- A WhatsApp group for support and to chat between classes

Self service calibrated baby scales
- Gentle stretches for you to ease your tired muscles
- Hot and cold drinks, with snacks
- Ongoing support from a fully qualified Developmental Play Practitioner
- Only £50 for a 6 week block!


This term, you will also get a Spotify playlist sent directly to your inbox with some songs for you to enjoy with your baby!


Why can't I just play with my baby at home?
I am a fully trained infant developmental play practitioner, meaning that I know each of the mini milestones that your baby will move through in order to reach the bigger milestones of sitting, crawling, walking etc. We will slowly introduce your baby to some different positions for play and discuss the importance of a varied play diet. 

What if my baby cries during the session?
To be honest, I’ll be surprised if they don’t cry at some point! Crying is your baby’s main way of communicating - all babies cry! One of the first things I say at each session is that our classes are all baby led, so if they need feedings, changing, a nap or a cuddle, that's ok, we go with the flow.

Why should we push the babies to the next step?

One thing I will never do it push to babies onto a step that they are simply not ready for. We will take everything at your baby's pace and work on strengthening the skills that they already have, as well as building the new ones. I'm very aware that we don't want to rush anything, I just want you to feel confident that you know how to support your baby in the best way possible.

What about those of you are anxious?


I’ll hold my hands up to this one, I’ve been sitting outside a baby group in the car in tears because my anxiety took over and I couldn’t face going in. I absolutely know how you feel and my inbox is always open, there’s even a box on my booking form for you to share any worries! I’m happy to meet you at the door, let you come 5 minutes early and any other way of helping you get in the door… it’s all about that first step, the rest are much easier!!   

Still unsure?

If you're still unsure whether this is the course for you, please get in touch. I am more than happy to discuss the different classes I offer and we can have a chat about how to most effectively meet your baby's needs.

You can drop me an email
or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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