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Daddy Club

The first rule of Daddy Club...


I would always welcome any family members into any of my classes, but I'm really aware of how daunting it can be for a daddy to walk into a baby group, worried that he will be the only dad there and he is going to embarrass himself by singing. 

This is where Daddy Club comes in!! 


Daddy Club is a drop in session with no commitment.

You can expect:

- Daddies only, my husband will bring our little girl too

- Mummy can come along and sit in the corner, with a cuppa, and chat to me!

- No structure

- No singing

- No introductions in front of the whole group

- No pressure to remember routines

- Refreshments

- Dad chat

- Bonding time with your baby

Do you want some daddy and baby bonding time?

Do you want to chat to other dads with no pressure to be a 'perfect daddy'?

Do you want the chance to ask questions about your baby's development in a safe and judgement free environment?


What if my baby is unsettled, can their mum come along too?

Of course! It's super important that everyone feels comfortable, especially your baby. So, whether mummy needs to come along for breastfeeding or another reason, then that's fine! It's also quite nice for her to take a step back and watch daddy and baby interacting, and of course, she will get to chat to me! 

What if my baby cries during the session?
To be honest, I’ll be surprised if they don’t cry at some point! Crying is your baby’s main way of communicating - all babies cry! One of the first things I say at each session is that our classes are all baby led, so if they need feedings, changing, a nap or a cuddle, that's ok, we go with the flow.

Still unsure?

If you're still unsure whether this is the class for you, please get in touch. I am more than happy to discuss the different classes I offer and we can have a chat about how to most effectively meet your baby's needs.

You can drop me an email
or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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